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Andoctra HH


Andoctra HH, MPT-S, MMP
Andoctra HH is a 2008 homebred mare from one of our foundation mares, Princess Queenie. Queenie was shown as a young horse by Margie Engle and was a daughter of Margie's Grand Prix mare, Caribbean Queen. As a two-year old, Andoctra was inspected by the American Holsteiner Horse Association and entered into their Premium Mare Book, with a score of 48 bonits. She also received the second highest free jumping scores on that year's inspection tour, with scores of 9,8,9. She was the highest scoring North American bred mare on the tour, as well.
After weaning her first foal, Andoctra went into training with Wilhelm Genn. She competed in the Five-Year-Old Young Jumper classes, ending her first year of showing as the Zone 7 Five-Year Old Young Jumper Champion. Because of her success in sport, she was awarded her Mare Performance Testing title, through the American Holsteiner Horse Association.
Andoctra has been a very productive mare for us, Her 2012  filly by Calido was a Premium foal, and also went on to be site champion mare at her American Holsteiner Horse Association inspection (as a two-year old), with one of the highest scores in the country (50 bonits), gaining her entry into the Main Mare Premium Select Book and obtaining free-jumping scores of 9,8,8. That daughter, Cix Degrees HH, has now obtained her mare performance testing title through her sport results, and is currently jumping at the Grand Prix level with an amateur rider.  Andoctra also has several younger offspring moving up the levels, including HM Royal Blue, currently winning in the six-year-old young jumpers. 

Andoctra Gulfport
Andoctra 5 Year Olds
Andoctra Great Lakes Equestrian Festival
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