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All of our 2023 foals have been sold! Thank you so much to all of our wonderful

We are expecting the following foals in 2024; only a few are left available in-utero.

1. Clear Heart x Grgich Hill (Contefino/Cantour): This filly arrived 2/17 and is
available! *Pictured here, to the right

2.Grand Slam VDL x Darnike (Indorado/Jasper) SOLD
3. Urano de Cartigny x Hy Hopes HH (Contefino/Capitol I) For Sale

4. Carinjo 9*HDC x Cardenia HH (Cardento/Polydor) Not Currently Available 
5. Zirocco Blue x Andoctra HH (Indoctro/Phantom) SOLD
6. Emerald x Zara XXIX (Caresino/Corrado I) SOLD
7. Icemand de Muze x Cix Degrees HH (Calido I/Indoctro) Not Currently Available 
8. Emerald x Karma (Kannan/For Feeling) Not Currently Available

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing an in-utero foal;
we'd love to work with you! We provide a live, healthy foal guarantee and can
provide many references from both professionals and amateurs who have
purchased our in-utero foals. 
Grandesino HH-Premium Colt
 Grand Ace HH-Premium Colt
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